As a stand -up comedian, every workshop is presented with a comical twist, drawing the attention of audience and having everyone craving for knowledge, exploring feelings and eager to learn helpful techniques.
ALL workshops and presentations are customized to fit your agency’s personal needs.
Workshops Include:

Help! I’m a parent (Spiritual guidance to raising children in the 21st century)
The ten commandments of dating(Developing positive relationships between the sexes)
Too Blessed to be Stress
Help! My parents are crazy (Developing positive communication skills between teens and parental figures.
Hooked on POT (Power over Temptation)
A Sister Away (Developing positive interaction between Christian women)
Phenomenal Me (Developing positive self-esteem)
Living above your crisis
Conflict Resolution
Women of Strength
Creative Witnessing (a creative workshop to teach youth and adults creative ways to witness to peers)
Teen Esteem (Living as a teenager in the 21st century/ Dealing with the top 5 issues that effects teens)
Effective Communication (Five steps to positive communication)
Team Building (Learning how to work with difficult people)